Flyer and meeting to discuss closure of St. Augustine's Library

St. Augustine’s Library is planned to close on 31st March 2017!

A decision has been taken by City of Bradford MDC that all their paid staff will be withdrawn from that date. The decision will not be reversed, and if the situation remains as it is at present then it is inevitable that the Library will close completely on that date

However, if volunteers can be found to replace these staff then City of Bradford MDC are willing to support a “Community Managed Library” (CML).  

CMLs are already functioning in Bradford in Wrose, Idle, Wilsden, Denholme, and Addingham. Up to a dozen other libraries in Bradford face closure and are in the same position as St. Augustines with their position uncertain but which also have the option of becoming a CML.

However, for the Library to continue the appointment of unpaid Volunteer Coordinators is essential. Their role would be to undergo training (supplied by City of Bradford MDC to the level of equivalent paid staff) following which they would take on the role of managing the volunteers - who would then fulfil the day to day running of the Library.  We do not know, at this stage, how many Volunteer Coordinators would be required, or the hours required, but the formation of a small supportive team of such would seem a logical way forward.

A public meeting will be held on Thursday 12th January 2017 at 7pm at St. Augustine's Church (Otley Road, Bradford BD3 0DR). The intention of this meeting is to gauge the extent of community interest in the role of Volunteer Coordinator and not for general discussion of the issue.

What happens next depends on the local community. Volunteers to staff the library on a day-to-day basis will be required but we have some confidence that this will not be a problem. However, if little interest is shown in becoming a Volunteer Coordinator(s) then the Library and Community Centre will close.

Further details of City of Bradford MDC’s expectations and offers can be found on

We would stress that although this is a Christian church website this is for convenience only. The Library and Community Centre is a local and community resource with no connection, other than site, to any religious affiliation. 

We are happy to be contacted for further information and informal discussion on the subject.

Jim Newmark    local resident

Bacha Sayed local resident


30 November 2016

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