Church Contacts

Our new incumbent is Rosy Fairhurst.  Rosy has come to us from Leicester Cathedral and we look forward to sharing more about her in the near future so you can get to know her.  

Rosy's regular day off is Friday and she will respond to any emails that arrive that day when she is back at work.

Telephone: 07483 276 505



Children and Youth Worker

We do not currently have anyone in this position. For any enquiries regarding work with young people up to the age of 18

Telephone: 01274 775885



Church Office 8.15am to 11.00am Monday and Tuesday, 8.30am to 11.00am on Wednesday.

Room bookings and general enquiries can be made by contacting the Parish Office.

Telephone: 01274 775885


Adddress: St Augustine's Church, Otley Road, Undercliffe, Bradford BD3 0DR, England


Weddings, Christenings, Confirmations and Funerals

To arrange a wedding, christening, funeral or confirmation please contact the church office on 01274 775885.  

Please see the Appendix section below for further information and guidelines.



All enquiries to Terry Kaye.  Email:


Church Location Map

St Augustine's Church, Otley Road, Undercliffe, Bradford BD3 0DR


APPENDIX - links to documents

Information on how to book a wedding at St Augustine's

How to arrange a funeral at St Augustine's

More information on those considering Confirmation

Christenings (Baptisms) and Blessings
What is the difference between a baptism and a blessing?

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